Celebrating 20 Years of Empowering Youth

Saturday, September 3rd in the University of Houston

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All New Arts Competition!

A chance off to show off your creative talents
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Qur'an: The Divine Guidance

The book free of error, the light, the criterion. It is the ultimate guidance.

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Last Year Was a Blast

Over 300 contestants. 55 bright winners.

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This year features four competition types:

Knowledge Competition

Participants read a book and answer multiple choices questions about the material.

Speech Competition

Participants are asked to deliver a 5 minute speech on a provided topic.

Qira'at Competition

Participants are asked to memorize a Surah and then recite a portion of it.


Show your creative side in our newest competition!


For more details, check out the syllabus.

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The following sponsors have generously donated to this cause. It is refreshing to see Islamic organizations dedicated to the education of Muslim youth. May Allah SWT bless these organizations and their members in this life and the next.


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