Fair and Square

Know the rules of the game so you can score max and look good doing it.

The Rule of all Rules: The Decision of Judges will be Final.

All participants are requested to report to the registration desk in the SEC Building at University of Houston on August 15, 2015 at 9:00 AM. Each participant will be assigned their tags and will get guidance to go to classrooms for their specific events.  After active participants go to their designated testing centers (classroom), parents and nonactive participants are requested to go in Auditorium to participate in a parents/youth discussion.

Knowledge Competition

Level 1 and Level 2

  1. This part of the Quiz Competition will be an oral exam
  2. Each participant will meet in private with the judges
  3. The judges will ask each participant the same set of questions.
  4. The participant must speak their answers. Each correct answer will award a maximum of 5 points
  5. Each participant will be asked to recite specified Surah(s) from memory. Recitation portion has a maximum of 25 points
  6. The participants with the highest scores will be the winners (1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place)
  7. In the event of tie, there will be multiple winners at each position

Levels 3 – 6 Written Exam (per each level)

  1. This part of the Quiz Competition will be a multiple choice written exam
  2. Each participant will meet in a designated testing center
  3. Each participant will complete the same set of 40 questions
  4. Each correct answer is worth 2.5 points. The maximum score is 100 points
  5. The 5 participants with the highest scores will be selected as winners
  6. In the event of a tie for 5th place, bonus questions will be utilized
Qira'at Competition
  1. Qira’at Competition is limited to Levels 3 through 6
  2. Participants will report to designated room to recite memorized Surahs
  3. Each participant will be asked to recite the entire Surah or a part of the Surah beginning at a specified verse
  4. Three judges will score each participant. Note: For Level 6, girls and boys will have separate judging
  5. Final score will be based on correctness, tajweed, and beauty of recitation
  6. Maximum score is 100 points
Speech Competition

All speeches are limited to 5 minutes (with 30 seconds grace period)
Judges: Be sure to give time signals.

Memorization of speech is encouraged. Note cards are allowed, but no notebooks, papers, tablets, or phones may be read from. Excessive reading from note cards will reduce scores.

Content/Delivery: 20 points

  • Introduction: 5 points
  • Did the speaker properly introduce his/her speech and grab your attention?
  • Did the speaker preview his/her thoughts?
  • Body: 10 points
  • Did the speaker address the topic effectively?
  • Did the speaker explain his/her reasons?
  • Conclusion: 5 points
  • Did the speaker conclude the speech effectively?
  • Did the speaker have a concluding sentence and tie his/her final thoughts together?

Speech delivery: 20 points

  • Was the speech fluent and did it flow smoothly?
  • Was the speaker’s enunciation acceptable and clear?
  • Did the speaker maintain a conversational style?

References to Qur’an and Hadith: 20 points

  • Did the speaker support his/her speech with references from the Qur’an or Hadith?

Non-Verbal Communication: 20 points

  • Did the speaker use appropriate body language?
  • • Did the speaker main eye contact?

Overall Confidence: 20 points

  • Did the speaker appear poised?
  • Did the speaker keep you interested the whole time?

Total points: 100 points


InterSchool Jeopardy Tournament


  • The team with the most points scored at the end of all rounds will be declared the winner.

Team Format:

  • Each participating school shall have a team of 3-4 students
  • Each student should must also register for one of the other competitions
  • There are no age restrictions on the students. Ages may vary within teams and across teams.

Competition Format:

  • There will be 2 rounds of Jeopardy
  • Each round will feature 5 categories following the theme of #WhoIsMuhammad
  • Each category will have 5 questions, increasing in points earned and difficulty level
  • The first team will select a category
  • As soon as the clue is visible and/or has been read, the fastest team to respond either by
    a) buzzers OR
    b) raising hands
    will have an opportunity to answer the question.
  • If the answering team answers correctly they will be awarded the points of the clue and select the next category ELSE
  • They will be deducted the points of the clue and another team will select the category