Speech Competition

Deadline for Submissions has been extended to September 5th at Midnight!



Competition Snapshot:

  1. This competition is open to Level 3 and above
  2. Competitors will video record and upload their speech to YouTube as an unlisted video (click for help)
  3. The video link along with competitor’s name and level should be sent to ymquiz@icnahouston.org
  4. Finalists from each level will present in front of the judges and audience at the Awards Ceremony.

Speeches are limited to 6 minutes.
They should reference evidences from Qur’an, Hadith, and individual research.

Select any topic below:

  • Bullying is not OK! How does Islam teach us to prevent it?
  • Eliminating casual racism in our communities
  • Inspiration from the best generation. Present a story and lesson of your favorite sahabi or sahabiat
  • How can I be “cool” around my friends without compromising my identity and dignity as a Muslim?
  • A Muslim’s responsibility is to stand up for justice. How can we fulfill this within a legal and civic process?
  • How did the Prophet ﷺ tackle Islamophobia during his time? What lessons can learn from his example?