The noble agenda of ICNA NeighborNet is a sincere struggle to achieve the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by serving the needs of the NN communities. Through service to the young creations of Allah (SWT), ICNA Neighbor Net aims to maintain an active role in the hearts, minds and actions of many NNs in the United States. ICNA Neighbor Net (NN) wishes to produce a group of men and women who can become ideal Muslims, model sons/daughters and brothers/sisters, and educationally conscious leaders of our time. Insha’allah, this manual will serve as a guide in fulfilling that goal.


Education and Purification (tarbiyyah wa taz kiyyah): To purify the individual’s life by obtaining Islamic knowledge, wisdom, God-consciousness, patience and contemporary qualifications/skills. Brotherhood (Akuwwah): To build strong bond of brotherhood among NNet participants and their families. Promulgation (da‘wah): To invite people towards the true practice of Islam and to promote the ideal Islamic ideologies to non-Muslims. Organization (jama‘ah): To organize energetic NNs who are motivated and show the desire to develop themselves and society under the banner of ICNA Neighbor Net. Social Service (khadmat al amma): To perform activities and events individually and collectively that will benefit the welfare of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Neighbor Net City Coordinator

Br Ummar Abdullah


Neighbor Net NN Coordinator Frequency Location & Timings
Cypress -TX Omer Syed Weekly Every Thursday after Isha at Islamic Outreach Center
Bear Creek – Katy Amir Mohammad Weekly Every Tuesday after Isha at Masjid Al-Mustafa
Cinco Ranch – Katy Mohammad Sami Weekly Every Friday after Isha at Cinco Ranch masjid
SouthWest Majid Sami Weekly Every Wednesday at 10:00 PM on Zoom
Asia center – SouthEast Br Masih Weekly Every Tuesday after Isha on Zoom