General Funds  

 Let ICNA allocate Based on needs & Priorities”


(Click here to see Zakat Eligibility Statement)

ICNA Center Construction  

 Center for Da’wah. Youth , Learning etc”

Dawa’h & Outreach  

 Quran Distribution, Billboard, Booth etc “


Social Justice  

” Campaigns against injustice, Supporting oppressed people etc “


Youth Activities  

 Islamic Learning, Youth Camps , Students Aid etc”


Revert Support Program  

 Revert Support & Follow up by Embrace Project”


Aya’nah – Contribution from ICNA Members  

 For ICNA Members”


ICNA Houston Annual Fundraising Banquet  



ICNA Houston Unit is nonprofit 501c(3) organization and all donations are Tax deductible. Our TAX ID is 27-1508341