The Islamic Circle of North America, a leading grassroots Muslim Organization is proud to introduce a new and exciting educational venture, The Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF), an educational Islamic institution based in New York. The main objective for ILF is enriching the lives of Muslims in general and Muslim Youth in particular by educating their minds and affecting their hearts with sound knowledge of Islamic Shariah thus deepening their awareness of Islam as a universal and eternal way of living for mankind and providing a new caliber of Muslim leaders.



Fusing Knowledge with Service!

What is ILF and Its Mission


An Institute providing Islamic Knowledge, Direction and Action.

Educating the masses with comprehensive & balanced understanding of Islam.
A Contemporary Forum for Today’s Muslims.

Preparing Youth for Tomorrow’s Leadership.


Why Chose to Learn at the ILF?


Fusing Knowledge with Service!

·         The best knowledge is the one that leads to action

·         ILF will provide the venues for students to fuse their knowledge with service for the betterment of society

Special Emphasis on Youth

·         ILF has been designed to accommodate today’s young adults & youths

·         Future scholars, trained problems solvers, teachers & preachers of Islam

 New Muslim Education

  • ILF seeks to help new Muslims learn Islam in a fashion which is balanced and comprehensive

 Variety of Islamic Subjects Taught

·         Quranic Classes

·         Arabic Language

·         Hadith & Seerah

·         Fiqh Classes

·         Dawah Classes

·         Workshops on Current Issues

·         Personal Development such as presentation and communication skills

High Qualified Instructors

·         Wide array of qualifications and backgrounds

·         Deep understanding of Islam

·         Prominent scholars, Imams, community activists and experienced educators

Instructors ILF Texas

·         Imam Omar Suleiman (Dean – ILF)

·         Imam Khalid Griggs

·         Dr. Ovamir Anjum

  • Sh. Yasir Birjas

Professional class rooms & State of the Art Learning Environment

Cost Effective Learning Opportunities

·         Tuition fees are nominal and affordable

·         Financial aid is available for those who qualify

Continuing Education Opportunities

·         Scholarships to study Islam in the USA or abroad at reputable institutions

Fusing Knowledge with Service!