ICNA Houston Unit Leadership 2019



Shura Members 2019


Our Shura council consists of the following, highly-respectable figures, Alhamdulillah:
  • Ather Mehmood
  • Asif J Hussni
  • Syed Arif-Ul Haq
  • Mohammad Maaz Hasan
  • Ummar Abdullah
  • Hanif Harris
Departmental In charges


Department/Project Coordinator Email Address Phone #
Islamic Outreach Center Abdul Latheef Patnam IOC@icnahouston.org 844-888-4262 Ext 2
 Tarbiyah Dept Dr Asif Hussain Tarbiyah@icnahouston.org  N/A
 Da’wah Outreach Sultan Salahudin Outreach@icnahouston.org 844-888-4262 Ext 1
 Social Services/Relief Syed Arif Ul Haq houston@icnarelief.org  844-888-4262 Ext 3
 Treasurer Amir Mohammad treasurer@icnahouston.org N/A