Saturday, September 8 at Houston Community College

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Introducing new competitions!

A chance off to show off your creative talents

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Sharing Islam, Serving Humanity

Realizing our place in this world.

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Last Year Was a Blast

Over 300 contestants. 55 bright winners.

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This year features six competition types:

Knowledge Competition

The classic memory and comprehension test


Let the creative juices flow and dazzle the crowd

Speech Competition

Motivate the crowd with rousing oratory

Poetry Competition

Awaken your inner poet and inspire the masses!


Honor the Qur’an with beautiful recitation

Science Fair

Bringing together Qur’anic miracles and scientific research


For more details, check out the syllabus.

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The following sponsors have generously donated to this cause. It is refreshing to see Islamic organizations dedicated to the education of Muslim youth. May Allah SWT bless these organizations and their members in this life and the next.


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